Friday, June 27, 2014

This Is Kat!!

Wow Kat !!!!!! You've done amazing!!

Let me say that in my after picture I'M WEARING A BATHING SUIT. Lol I swear. The bottoms are the same as my before and the top I got from Old Navy a couple months ago.

My before picture is from November 2013 and the after was taken today. I haven't stepped on the scale in a few weeks, but last time I weighed, I went from 154 to 128.

Skinny fiber has done wonders for me. I have way less migraines..., I'm off my digestive meds, and it has tremendously helped my mood swings. I didn't exercise or diet before or after sf. It made me feel full so I ate less and over the course of a couple months, I stopped drinking as many Dr. Peppers. I went from 8-10 a day and now I drink one, sometimes two a day.

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