Monday, September 29, 2014


Can't swallow capsules or large pills?  No problem!!  You can open Skinny Fiber capsules and mix them directly into applesauce or yogurt!!  I have even opened them and poured them directly in my mouth!  The taste is not bad.  Just a kind of herb flavored mild powder!  In fact, it has been said that some believe that they think that it works better when you DO open the capsules!!  Your body does not have to go through the whole digestion of the outer capsule to get to the good stuff!!

3 all NATURAL ingredients....Stimulant Free...NO jitters....Just good for you!!!! 7 digestive enzymes that optimize your gut health so that you lose fat! Each bottle is 120 capsules..a one month supply. 1 bottle is $59.95 but our two specials are: BUY 2/GET 1 FREE $119.95 and also BUY 3/GET 3 FREE $179.70! So much cheaper when you get a multipack or go in with a friend.......

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