Saturday, January 31, 2015

Laurie's 90 Day Challenge!

Good job, Laurie! Keep moving forward!!

90 Day Challenge Complete!!!!

Laurie's Skinny Fiber Journey

I have been horribly overweight all my life. Plagued w/embarrassment, low self-esteem, chronic sinus headaches & debilitating migraines and self-deprecation. In the last 10 years it has become about disability, depression and pain. I've done the diet, lost over 70 lbs 1 time, plateau, frustration, all a vicious cycle. I learned to accep...t the fact I may never lose this weight or get healthy again.

My health took a downswing after a fall in 2003. Major problems w/the knee, rupture of the hamstring, shredded rotator cuff just in that fall was followed by arthritis, further depression, chronic migraines, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia and more. By 2010 diabetes was added to the list.

March 2014 a FB page @ "Skinny Fiber" intrigued me. Some of the testimonies piqued my interest. I began to investigate. October 2014 I made the decision to accept their "90 day challenge." FF to today, Jan 30, 2015, official figures:

 29.5 INCHES AND 11 lbs.

SO PSYCHED about the inches off and feeling awesome!!!! Already off most of my drugs, my sugar hasn't gone over 100 in over 3 weeks. I've had only 1 migraine since I started on SF when I'm used having several a month. I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to lose the bonds of prescription meds & their side effects. Pants loose, shirts hanging off & longer, such a good feeling. I can't wear the shirt from the original pic anymore as the neck hangs under my bra lol. (The shirt is hanging on the door to the right) I LOVE MY SKINNY FIBER!!!!


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