Monday, April 27, 2015


In light of the news articles about people using dangerous "diet" pills, I think this is so important to put out there!!

Please, please do your research on any supplement you think about taking. A reputable company will have no problem giving you an ingredient list, which is one of the first things to find out about your chosen product. You need to know the ingredients are safe, useful for the pu...rpose intended, and legitimate.
At Skinny Body Care, our clients health and safety come first. We are happy to explain what is in our product, what the ingredients do, and even advise you to ask your doctor if you are unsure. Our products are all natural, no soy, no dairy, no gluten and most importantly NO CHEMICALS.

Please do not buy supplements from eBay or Amazon. Buy direct from a distributor so you have the back up and support you need. Don't use trial packs. They are not a good guide to how a product will work long term, and are often scams. Don't trust "try now, pay later". A reputable company will give you a cost up front.
Most of all, BE SAFE!!!!!

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