Tuesday, June 23, 2015

This Is Nancy!

Love these amazing success stories!!

From Nancy ...

"YEP - IT'S ME!! I finished a 90-Day Challenge back in May - Down 13 pounds and lots of inches. I finally got up the nerve to post my own pictures! I took my Skinny Fiber twice a day and drank lots of water! Did some walking and riding my bike but certainly not every day...... and I've been known to have a 'not so good for you snack' now and then - lol! I did give up bread and keep my sugar intake to a minimum. Portion control is the key, not deprivation! So glad I took the before picture because I didn't think it showed that much. The first picture was back in February when we were in Florida and the after pic was just taken the end of May. I'm AM feeling great and 28 days into my next 90-day Challenge and down another 5 pounds!! Skinny Fiber ROCKS!! 💕"

Order skinny Fiber and join us in our 90 day challenge!!

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