Friday, July 31, 2015

DIY Treating Poison Ivy Rash!

DIY Treating Poison Ivy Rash!

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1) Get out of your contaminated clothes.

2) Apply liquid dish soap (Dawn) to area. No water. Rub in, and then wash off - don't dry.

3) Apply Baking Soda to the wet area liberally. leave on a minute or two. It will itch a little.

4) Rinse baking soda off with vinegar. (yep, the stuff in the fridge with vinegar will bubble like crazy and tingle.)

5) Rinse with fresh water and dry.

From a subscriber: My welts were completely gone within 3 to 4 hours. It's worked for me 3 times so far. It's cheap and it's stuff I already had in the house.

If your rash worsens, go to the Dr.'s immediately.

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