Friday, March 4, 2016

Burn Calories While You Sleep!

My friend Tom wow what a cool thing to happen smile emoticon
Tom says;
"One of my friends shared some information with me this morning that is just AWESOME! She has been taking Skinny Body MAX during the day and added HiBurn8 before bed time. She says: " I have to tell you, was checking out my calories burned and BMR, while I sleep . My daily burn has went up about 500, and my calories burned at night was up 486 last night while I slept per my Fitbit!"
Isn't that amazing? A caloric burn increase of almost 1,000 calories by simply adding our two products to her daily routine! Adding proper exercise and clean eating will only increase your transformation! I love that we do not have to make these claims; our friends , and their "fitbits" do it for us!"
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